Building Bristol is transforming local employment opportunities through development

Our Vision

Our vision is simple – to increase the number of local people entering the booming construction industry in Bristol and,  following the construction phase, to increase diverse local recruitment into the ‘end use’ jobs based across all the fantastic new buildings – hospitals, schools, hotels, leisure facilities, office developments and more!

Bristol City Council has taken bold steps to change its planning validation requirements meaning all major* applications must include an Employment and Skills Plan (ESP)  for the construction phase, and where appropriate the end use phase.

Building Bristol aims to tackle educational and economic inequality by plugging local employment and skills support services into all major developments. It also aims to support employers to address their skills gaps and to help diversify their workforce.

Investment in Bristol is booming. With so many major developments in the pipeline, now is the perfect time to work in partnership to develop an inclusive talent pipeline – matching people to jobs and training.

What is an Employment and Skills Plan?

An Employment and Skills Plan (ESP) is a document which clearly details the commitment from the developer to provide employment and skills opportunities during the construction phase of the development. The council has aligned with Construction Industry Training Board, National Skills Academy for Construction Client Based Approach – which is a nationally recognised, and well regarded framework. It provides clear structure, direction and benchmarks to developers and contractors to support them in embedding employment opportunities, apprenticeships and skills development into their construction projects.

The framework is broken down into the delivery of the following 7 Key Performance Indicators each with an agreed benchmark depending on the type and cost of project.

Work experience placement icon

Work experience placement

Job created icon

Jobs creation

Careers activities icon

Careers activities

Training weeks icon

Training weeks

Qualifying the work icon

Qualifying the workforce

Training plans icon

Training plans

Case studies approved icon

Case studies approved

Guidance for Developers and Contractors

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Template for Employment and Skills Plan

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CITB Client Based Approach Details


*A major development a) 10 or more residential dwellings; b) more than 1,000 square metres Gross Internal Area of non-residential floorspace).

What is Building Bristol?

Building Bristol is a service to support local developers who are preparing planning applications so they can also create robust employment and skills plans.

A Building Bristol Coordinator is on hand to support contractors and end employers with developing their plans and delivering (and hopefully exceeding) their agreed targets. By working with all major developments, there are also opportunities for shared events and campaigns to boost local recruitment.

Building Bristol is led and supported by Bristol City Council. The strategic direction and work planning are overseen and supported by a board of key partners, including business, education, training, employment support, voluntary sector, trade unions and construction support.

Building Bristol will

  • provide guidance on the contents of the ESP and a template for completion
  • agree the ESP which will form part of the planning conditions
  • agree a regular monitoring and reporting timeline
  • proactively support with delivery of targets, connecting applicants/developers to a wide range of services and delivery partners in our city
  • where a development is to provide employment space, Building Bristol will require a second ESP for this phase and will provide support with recruitment and training needs
Business coworkers discussing new ideas and brainstorming on laptop sitting on staircase office.
Business coworkers discussing new ideas and brainstorming on laptop sitting on staircase office
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